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// Tom Hiddleston & His Alleged Girlfriend Conspiracy Theories//

Yes, I am back for a bit. lol

Been checking the boards and came across this interesting lil tidbit on DataLounge(Gotta love these peeps..they always have great dirt.) Looks like our Tom is back to being his sneaky lil self and hiding himself some tail. Guess the sparkly unicorn image is getting a bit tarnished. The word is Mr Hiddles has himself a lovely lil side piece that he’s not quite naming her his girlfriend but FWB. The lovely couple were allegedly spotted on Friday night at a bar. 

Then it was followed up with this:

So from the looks of things, they spent Friday night together and hung out for a bit on Saturday afternoon. Whoohoo! You go Hiddles! About time Tom got his naughty on. Also apparently they had an intimate moment outside her home. Where do these spies come from? lol

Apparently Tom’s “friend” lives close by so a hook up would be easy for him to keep things on the down-low. In a way I’m kinda hoping this chick would be the real deal. But from the look of things, she does appear to be a friends with benefits and that it isn’t a serious relationship. Why would any woman would put up with that is something I do not know. But meh, that’s just me. I guess any Hiddles is better than no Hiddles. ;-)

To top everything off apparently this has been taken to twitter by some guy who tweeted Jane….yes a GUY tweeted her amazingly enough that Tom was just using her for a booty call. Then proceeded to tweet Tom about his evening. Talk about being bitter much dude. Before the guy deleted/then reinstated his twitter a gracious follower saved a screencap of this guy’s tweet to Jane. Unfortunately this person couldn’t save the ones to Tom as the guy deleted them real quick.

Oh and thanks to DL for the transcription of the tweets to Tom:

Sounds like the dude was burned or something. Alot of bitterness there. lol 

Anonymous said: So, your opinion about Jane story?

Well not that my opinion matters but I believe she’s a fuck buddy-friends with benefits. Not a bad looking woman. Actually she’s attractive and looks like a fun person to hang out with. I could see why Tom would be drawn to her personality wise. But hey that’s my opinion. One good thing is at least Tom getting a piece and enjoying his life. Gotta love the guy for that.

Anonymous said: So the only "dirt" on Hiddles is that he has one night stands?

Well there is the banana story…..  ;-D

Anonymous said: Okay, I'm confused. According to the friend of the girl he had a one night stand with, his peen is small but he knows how to use it. But when I see these photos of his crotch here on tumblr, he looks ... well hung. Do you think that particular one night stand story is true?

I wouldn’t say it was small but probably average. If he knows how to use it then it’s all good:-) More than likely the story is true. Tom’s not much of a A-lister yet to make up stories about him so I’m inclined to believe the story. 

Anonymous said: Tom says he has never listen to rap (which is most likely bullshit) but he is definitely living by Nicki Minaj's anthem "BUT FUCK YOU WANT AND FUCK WHO YOU LIKE. DANCE ALL NIGHT THERE'S NO END IN SIGHT...." But seriously, do you know any more about the fangirls posing as a friend of the hairstylist on twitter? Also, is the "London Project" on imdb the thing that the fangirls are doing?

I think Tom listens to all types of music. I remember he had one of Nicki Minaj’s songs listed as his “Song of The Day” on time.

All I know about the hairstylist episode was a fan girl created a twitter account claiming to be his stylist from Avengers I believe. Lots of fans were duped including Tom but word got out to the real hair stylist that someone was posing as her and the twitter handle got flagged and deleted. Crazy shit.

As for the London Project, it’s been financed as well as being filmed by fans of Tom.

A Wreck and a Pain in the Neck: Spoilt children in a row

Couldn’t have said it better myself. 


Considering I witnessed some of this, I can honestly say you’re making a big deal out of nothing. The parking garage was a busy public parking garage under the mall. I myself parked there as well that night. The valet is also fully public. Anyone could park there.I dunno where you got the idea that this was a private parking area. Before ranting and raving about fans going into a private area, it may have been a good idea to do some research instead of making assumptions. Celebs have gone to this mall many times and not once did they ever feel threatened or bothered by people. I found your “observation” of Tom being scared very laughable. Tom obviously is a big boy and can handle himself as he did in the video. He set the parameters and what he was willing to do for his fans. If he didn’t, then he wouldve left. He was finished with the afterparty and was on his way back to his hotel.

Personally I feel the ones who rage about stuff like this the loudest are the ones most likely would do the same thing if they had the chance and then cry wolf about it. These fans wanted to meet Tom and they did. If he wasn’t in the mood to accommodate these fans, then he wouldn’t have. Plain and simple.

As for taking photos of Tom in public, well it’s a free world. We can do whatever we want so long as noone gets hurt. Just because YOU would be pissed off about someone taking your photo and posting it doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same way. If someone took a photo of me and posted it online, good for them. If they want to waste their photography skills on me, then that’s fine by me. lol I for one wouldn’t waste my time or life being worried or pissed off cuz someone took my photo without my permission. Waste of time and energy. I think Tom would feel the same way. He’s too busy with his life to pay attention or be worried if someone was snapping his photo. Who cares. He’s an actor. It’s one of the drawbacks and personally if I was an actor and people weren’t taking my photo or taking notice of me, then I’d be seriously worried about my career. Best way to promote oneself in this industry for free is to be photographed and be seen. There is nothing private being out in public. If one wants privacy, then they should be at home where you’re privacy is guarenteed. 

Talking about Tom’s peen is all part of the package. The majority of us enjoy the man as a whole…physically and intellectually. He’s a very talented guy as well as charming and adorkably cute. Talking about his body parts is no different than a group of women going to a bar and talking about the hottie at the next table. 

You’re entitled to your opinion as everyone else is but you gotta be prepared for people to call you out on it if they feel it’s a bit over the top.  


I’ve been knocking around the Tom Hiddleston fandom for over a year now and I’ve seen many things that have given me joy and others that have sent me into a rage.

Last year we had people camping outside his hotel in Detroit, standing outside his place of work in Cologne, hacking his facebook,…

Anonymous said: Kudos to you for staying level-headed through this. For the life of me I cannot understand why whenever someone expresses a dissenting opinion, someone else has to resort to name-calling and general bitchery. It's like kindergarten. Or Congress.

lol It’s no biggie to me. I must have hit a nerve since they all attacked me. Oh well. You live and learn. Thanks for the message.

Anonymous said: Tom, sadly, draws crazies....he's like flypaper for freaks!

LMAO!!!! Yes, didn’t anyone tell him to never feed the animals? 

Anonymous said: What I think you're trying to say is these fangirls (and they are) compromise the appearance of objectivity in filming a documentary about British cinema when they include an actor they are biased towards. That is a fair point and I don't see why anyone would be upset about that. Tom is a cinephile, not a historian so his input is superfluous. Also, I think the "Project Wendy" founder is nearly 50% investor.

Exactly the point I was trying to make though this explanation is more eloquent. Thank you:-)

Anonymous said: I was looking at Molly Misery's blog and they just admitted to outing Seraphina, so this is something you do to your so called bestie just to prove a point to someone you don't know. Really? And here they are calling you a bitch and a cunt for calling that British docu out, at least you were brave enough to do it as most in this fandom are fed up with those uppity tossers who think they are special because he follows them.

Funny thing is this whole drama wasn’t even about Seraphina alone but the whole group. Somehow, it got focused on her and I have no idea as to why. Personally I figured the others were more fangirly.

Anonymous said: Haha. All of this is so great. By the way, Wendy attention-seeking fan: donated possibly half the documentary's kickstart funds. I believe her "VIP" status granted her access to be there during interview. Whatever documentarians are up to: using Tom for a favour, or using doc as excuse to hang: Wendy lady is craziest, creepiest fangirl by far. Plus she has her little minions who attack anyone who dares to cross or question her. I know: I was one of them. Cult Kool-aid: don't drink that shit.

Yeah I’ve heard all about her. Sounds like the type of person I would like to steer clear of.

Anonymous said: If I were Seraphina and if fandom knew I met Tom in NYC, LA, and was behind an awesome RP account, then went to London to interview him, I would expect people to call me a fangirl (and possibly question my motives). I wouldn't deny that yes, I was a fangirl and my rapoire with him has allowed the opportunity to do a documentry that would include him. If it were anyone else, they would be called out doing stalkerish activities...what's so special about Seraphina that she's not doing just that?

Exactly. Personally I would’ve crossed, blackened, tore his name off the list of interviewees even if he was the walking dictionary of film knowledge.

Also you come up with a valid point that if anyone else had done the same thing, they would’ve been vilified and torn apart. Why bother denying it? There’s nothing horrible about being a fangirl. There are fan girls and then there are fangurls(crazy bishes!). I was under the impression that she would just be a fan girl. 

Anonymous said: I see it from both sides: Fangirls of Tom (they are ALL fangirls and Tom follows both Seraphina and Lindsay who BOTH went to London) decided to do a doc about British film. Ok. The fact they got permission to interview Tom... Ok, that's probably lucky of them. It did raise suspicions in my mind (and possibly Tom's/Luke's as well), but I don't think they meant any harm. So, good for them. I don't get the arguing over who's a fangirl or not, lol.

I just believe that they don’t want the taint of fangirl to bleed over on their project and I’m assuming that being called a fangirl is an insult around here??

Anonymous said: Seraphina is so a fangirl. Not that that is a bad thing (same for you being a fangirl), but NYC was NOT an accident. She was lucky, but she went there specifically to tell Tom she was Godofbadassery. There's video of it that was removed to hide that she was gob on Twitter. She went to the LA premier specifically to meet Tom and was there with several other fangirls. London was intentional for the documentary, so.. I don't get it? Why the arguing? It's okay to be a fangirl, lol, just not crazy!

Hmm and the plot thickens. 

I’m under the impression that it’s an insult to be considered a Tom Hiddleston fangirl. *shrugs* lol

mollymimieux said: Did you use the term "get in his pants" at one point? I'm pretty sure you were name calling as well... New York was actually an accident, Los Angeles was for The Avengers (there are other actors in that film besides Tom, just letting you know), and London was obviously planned for the doc. You're generalizing this whole thing, I can't even anymore. You are exhausting, it's like talking to a wall.

I think it was an anon who did and I just repeated it.

Name calling? Umm really? I think I only used attention whore and that was because I didn’t know what other word to use. Excuse me. lol 

NYC=if you say so

LA= I know all about it.

London= obviously

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